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Make an Impact. Let's plan, measure and shout about your impact together.

Impact planning, measurement and communications

With a PhD in evaluation, as the former Director of the UK Evaluation Society, and an international advisor to the Irish HEA in respect of university impact and performance, I am an expert in impact planning and communications.

I have experience in third sector and university impact contexts including peer review, leading teams to create impact, and evaluating impact. 

Example of Work: Delivering an Online Research Impact Course for the University of Bath

Planning for Impact

I work with teams to plan for impact. This includes building evaluation capacity (for instance, I developed the University of Bath's research impact online training course), delivering mentoring support and working with leadership teams to understand and drive strategic impact

Are you communication your impact as well as you could be?

Communicating Impact

Making impact is great. But, if this cannot be effectively communicated then your funders and other stakeholders may not be recognising this.

Impact reports, impact webpages and site, graphics and infographics, and regular stakeholder communications and engagement can really help 

Research Impact Module for the University of Bath

The development of a research impact module for all staff and postgraduate research students at the University of Bath. 

Training development

University Sector

Irish Higher Education Authority

Acting as International Expert Advisor for the Irish HEA. I have reviewed the performance of Universities in Ireland since 2021 including reviewing their impact case studies. 

Peer review

University sector

Derbyshire Time Swap

A website which included a case study archive and participant feedback system. 

Data collection tools; Communications

Charity Sector

Recent Projects

More Past Work

Let's talk

Looking for impact support?

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Let's introduce a measurement framework that aligns with your impact pathway or theory of change. 

Measuring Impact

I work with teams to put tools and frameworks in place to measure impact and to monitor their project performance. With a PhD in research, experience of applied research and evaluation in the public and third sector, I am familiar with a range of research techniques and the nuances and challenges when doing research. 

I also implement digital research tools to support the measurement of impact. Including the introduction of in-house systems. 

Evaluation Experience

With a PhD in evaluation, gained whilst acting as the Evaluator for a £10.9m regeneration programme, I know the theory as well as practice of impact evaluation. 

I have performed evaluations in third and public sector settings. 

I was also a Director and Board Member of the UK Evaluation Society, recognised as contributing to the field of evaluation. 

Former Impact Leader

I was previously a Head of Research in a university and responsible for driving more impactful research. I led two national research excellence and impact submissions, including the development of impact case studies. I went on to steer university-wide training for impact.

I have also been an advisor and keynote speaker for the Polish Enterprise Development Agency, the Argidius Foundation and other charities.

My accomplishments since going freelance include developing research impact and knowledge exchange modules for the University of Bath (and they have since won awards in this area) and being recognised as an impact expert leading to my contribution to Irelands HEA. 

The Power of Freelance

Being an impact freelance professional I can work flexibly in and with your organisation. There is no long term commitment like there is an employee (covering holiday leave etc). 

I also have a powerful network of other freelancers, including awesome graphic designers and impact case video production companies. 

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