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For Beauty Salons

Take Bookings

A booking system that works with online calendars. Add a range of services and staff members at no extra cost.

Take Deposits

Limit no shows by taking deposits. Clients who self-book can leave a deposit at booking or you can request the payment using your system.


Let your clients book the time that suits them. You can also reward automatic loyalty points. The system will also appointment reminders!

For Beauty Salons

Client self-service solutions


Reduce no-shows and time spent taking bookings. 

I build systems that let your clients find a service and time that works for them and book and pay (or just take a deposit) online. 

The backend of the system will allow you to manage your client contact details and health waivers, with other options such as noting patch test results and colours. Your staff can maintain their own diary and block out time for holidays too.

Client self-service solutions
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