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Village Hall Websites

Take Bookings

A Village Hall booking system that works with your Village Hall calendar. The system only allowing bookings when there is an available slot. I have used this at our local village hall for over 3 years without a double booking. Take village hall bookings via your website while you sleep! A website is available 24/7 but your volunteers are not.

Take Village Hall hire payments

Whether you want to take the full hire fee, a damage deposit or both. My village hall booking system links to a range of industry-trusted payment processors allowing you to easily take payments. No chasing up payments or keeping a track on who has paid their village hall hire fees.

SEO Friendly

SEO refers to the process of improving a website so that it appears better in search engines. Much of my work focuses on this. After optimising my local village hall website (for which I'm a trustee), there was a very quick uplift in impressions, visitors and bookings.

Village Hall Websites

From a basic frontdoor to your village hall to a full booking system.


Managing village hall bookings can be hard - I know! I run our local Village Hall here in Derbyshire. But, by introducing a self-service booking website you can reduce the demand on volunteers and reduce in-person payments.

Take a look at for an example of what I can do. 

This is a great alternative to HallMaster.

I also help charities to setup a DigitalBoost account where they can benefit from software and Wix charity discounts. 

From a basic frontdoor to your village hall to a full booking system.
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