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AI - Yes we're worried

As a designer and content creator, AI is a worry.

An Ai text to image output by me representing the computer breaking into the real world
An AI text to image output by me representing the computer breaking into the real world

It is becoming easier to create writing and images through AI such as Chat GPT.

So why do you still need a real human for your website, social media, and graphic design content?

Wix recently introduced AI text prompts to help you to write your AI content, it's focused but sometimes doesn't quite fit the context or the voice you might want.

AI text-to-image is fairly hit-and-miss and can take a lot of time to get things right. To get it perfect you may still need a photoshop expert to manipulate it.

You don't know what you don't know

Your website is a lot more than the words and images, it's an assembly of well-researched practice to make sure it's marketing tactics, messaging, speed, accessibility, search engine performance etc is effective.

Get with it

Sadly, I think it's just a sign of the times, like taxi drivers being put out by Uber. We have to adapt, we have to make sure our own value is made clear to clients, and perhaps we have to embrace the benefits - the reduced time creating copy meaning we can take more time with family etc.

Changing Work

In 2016, when I was in University leadership, I listened to a Chartered Association of Business Schools lecture on the changing world of work. AI will take jobs, it will require a step-change in how Governments support citizens to keep economies healthy. I hope we see more pro-active discussion on this by the UK Government soon, because AI is here now.

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