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Looking for a Wix Partner?

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I'm the highest level of Wix Partner, Legend level. I have worked on Wix for over 10 years on hundreds of websites.

I build on both Wix Editor and Editor X. Editor is a simpler experience for my clients to manage, whereas Editor X is fully responsive so more of the page can be used in clever ways.

There are a range of apps and features that Wix has which are great for new and growing businesses including the opportunity for an online store, bookings, events, and additional coding to make complex functions work.

There are a lot of basic level Wix partners out there, be cautious of how well trained they are to deal with your data, and the more complicated aspects of good websites such as accessibility and search engine performance. Don't listen to those who promise you will rank first on Google - this is a promise that noone can make you.

Feel free to book a call with me to explore how I can help.


Dr Tracey Wond is a Legend Wix Partner with over a decade of design experience. She is based near to Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire.

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