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New Website for the Derbyshire Time Swap project

I'm delighted to have handed over a new website for the Derbyshire Time Swap project.


The website for a local charity will support intended project beneficiaries to learn more about the project and engage with the project team.

The project team have a range of tools via the site including a shareable feedback form (which when they tick a box publishes this to an online case study area to help with monitoring, evaluation and engagement). There is also a project resources area with a range of downloads.

More about this website

This website was built using the Wix platform which is easy for the team to maintain. I have placed content they're likely to change most often into databases (very much like an Excel spreadsheet), this means that if they want to change anything they just change the information in that database.

Wix is ideal for project websites since they are an ideal platform for low-cost websites with a minimum hosting term of one month. The sites are secure and are provided with security updates and SSL certificates automatically (unlike other site platforms where organisations end up paying for someone to apply these regularly at significant cost).

The website has basic SEO set (more advanced SEO can be added to Wix but some clients find SEO isn't a priority for them).

This was a budget website and included consultation time with the team and team training to use the website. Tracey's expertise in impact supported the team to explore their needs and the opportunity to collect monitoring data and case studies via the website.

Check it out

The Derbyshire Time Swap project is a time banking initiative whereby participants (individuals or organisations) give their time to earn time credits. They can then redeem/spend these time credits with others. For instance, Jake cuts Sarah's lawn, Jake uses his time credit with Bill who teaches Jake how to train his dog.

Interested in a charity project website?

Do get in touch if you are interested in a website for your charity project website.

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New Website for the Derbyshire Time Swap project

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