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Editor X Site Launch for Music Composer

I'm delighted to have developed this Editor X site for Pippa Cleary, the first female songwriter and composer to have three musicals in the West End at one time.

The site was built using editor X which is a fully responsive website platform.

The site does a lot and took a lot of extra coding including:

- Having musicals, songs and backing tracks fed from various backend databases. These support new items to be added to the databases which automatically feed to the front end. When a new musical is added to the backend then a new page is automatically created to display it and the page is automatically populated. At times there isn't always the same data in the backend and so additional coding to hide this was needed.

- Coding icons and buttons to show or not show depending on whether content is added to the dataset. For instance, if there on the Sheet Music and Backing Tracks page, if there is no watch, listen, backing track or sheet music available for the particular song then there are no buttons available to link to those.

- Coding a dropdown for the songs section. When opened these contain various embedded playlists, videos and production images.

- Scrolling slideshow hero images. One weakness of Editor X at this time is that there isn't a slideshow element and so this had to be coded to scroll.

- Creating a custom menu on desktop and tablet that extends on hover to provide a secondary menu.

The design of the site itself is consistent but simple, as requested by the client.

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