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I value mutual respect and professionalism in all client interactions, in order to maintain positive and productive working relationships.  

I expect clients to abide by my RESPECT policy, and extend the same in my service to clients: 


R - Respectful Communication: All parties should communicate in a respectful and professional manner, avoiding any negative or inappropriate language.

E - Effective Collaboration: All parties should work together effectively, sharing ideas and finding mutually-beneficial solutions.


S - Supportive Attitude: All parties should maintain a supportive and positive attitude, encouraging and helping each other to succeed.

P - Prompt Responsiveness: All parties should respond promptly to each other's inquiries and requests to ensure a smooth project flow. Note: disrespectful communications will not be responded to. 

E - Expectation Clarity: All parties should have clear expectations and understanding of their roles and responsibilities to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

C - Clear Communication: Effective and clear communication is key to a successful project, so all parties should make sure to communicate openly and honestly.

T - Trust: A trusting relationship between all parties is essential for a successful project, so all parties should demonstrate trust and reliability.

By adhering to this RESPECT Policy, I am confident that we can maintain a positive and productive working relationship.


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