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  • Half-day SEO Improvement Session

    A 3.5 hour improvement session targeting SEO improvements on GoDaddy or Wix websites (Wix Editor or Editor X). What you can expect: Before the session I'll request access to your website (no passwords are ever requested by me), and Google Search Console if available (this helps me push your site for a re-crawl). I will also ask about your goals and audiences. During the session, I will work to explore SEO keywords, improve your page titles, meta-descriptions, heading tags and image alt text as required. I will use my discretion to improve page linking if needed and to publish these updates. If I've the correct permissions I will request that Google recrawls your site to pick up these changes effectively. On conclusion, I will provide a summary of the improvements done and opportunities I think will make a difference going forward. This service is conducted on the day booked but may slightly deviate from the session time booked to allow for comfort breaks etc. The summary of what I achieved will follow within 24 hours of the session. Note, this is a time-based service - I will work for half a day on your site (including report writing and any meetings you might request before the work) and not until everything is finished.

  • Website Restyle Day

    Have you put your own Wix website together but need some help before launch? Or perhaps you've rebranded and need your site to follow suit? The website restyle day is an investment that will see me, a Wix Legend partner, work to improve your site and ensure it looks and works great. What's included: - 6 hours of my time (choose whether to pre-meet to discuss your requirements or not) - A summary of what I've done when I've finished (please note it may take 24 hours to receive this summary. This is a time-based service and so I can't promise that your site will be entirely finished by the end but I'll have worked professionally and adeptly to do as much as I can. I work with Wix day-in and day-out so know it well. Sites with more than 9 pages are likely to need more time than the 6 hours.

  • 2-hour Review and Report

    A light-touch 2 hour review of your Wix website with email feedback. This is a great way to identify further improvements. Undertaken by a Wix Legend Partner with over 10 years of Wix experience. This is an unattended session meaning that once you've booked your time, I will review your site on that date and time and report back to you via the email given. You can expect the feedback to cover aspects such as SEO improvements, accessibility, business ideas, layout and user experience. This is usually by email but sometimes includes a short video to better demonstrate improvements where it is felt to be necessary. All review and report clients will receive a coupon that can be used to discount my further services (such as time to improve your site). However, there is no obligation to use this or me in the future.

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  • Editor X Site Launch for Music Composer

    I'm delighted to have developed this Editor X site for Pippa Cleary, the first female songwriter and composer to have three musicals in the West End at one time. The site was built using editor X which is a fully responsive website platform. The site does a lot and took a lot of extra coding including: - Having musicals, songs and backing tracks fed from various backend databases. These support new items to be added to the databases which automatically feed to the front end. When a new musical is added to the backend then a new page is automatically created to display it and the page is automatically populated. At times there isn't always the same data in the backend and so additional coding to hide this was needed. - Coding icons and buttons to show or not show depending on whether content is added to the dataset. For instance, if there on the Sheet Music and Backing Tracks page, if there is no watch, listen, backing track or sheet music available for the particular song then there are no buttons available to link to those. - Coding a dropdown for the songs section. When opened these contain various embedded playlists, videos and production images. - Scrolling slideshow hero images. One weakness of Editor X at this time is that there isn't a slideshow element and so this had to be coded to scroll. - Creating a custom menu on desktop and tablet that extends on hover to provide a secondary menu. The design of the site itself is consistent but simple, as requested by the client.

  • UK Website Pricing: Understanding Average Cost and What to Expect

    Having a website has become an essential component for businesses, organizations, and individuals to have a strong online presence. However, the cost of building and maintaining a website can vary greatly depending on various factors. In this blog post, we will explore the average website pricing in the UK and what you can expect when it comes to the cost of creating a website. Average Website Pricing in the UK The average cost of building a website in the UK can range anywhere from £500 to £5,000, depending on the size, complexity, and features of the website. Smaller websites with limited functionality, such as a basic brochure website, typically cost less, while larger websites with advanced features, such as e-commerce functionality or custom design, will cost more. Basic brochure websites, with 5-10 pages and basic design, typically cost around £500-£1,000. More complex websites with additional features, such as e-commerce functionality or custom design, can cost anywhere from £1,000 to £5,000. Keep in mind that these are rough estimates and that the actual cost can vary greatly based on specific requirements. Factors That Affect Website Pricing There are several factors that affect the cost of building a website in the UK, including: Size and complexity of the website: The size and complexity of the website will greatly impact the cost. Larger websites with more features, such as custom design and e-commerce functionality, will cost more than smaller websites with limited functionality. Design and custom development: Custom design and development, such as custom graphics or custom functionality, will increase the cost of the website. Content creation: If you need content created for your website, such as copywriting or photography, this will add to the cost of the website. Hosting and maintenance: Hosting and maintenance costs can vary greatly, depending on the hosting provider and the type of hosting plan you choose. Domain name registration: The cost of registering a domain name can vary greatly, depending on the domain registrar you choose and the type of domain name you want to register. What to Expect When Working with a UK Website Designer When working with a UK website builder, you can expect to receive a comprehensive website solution, including website design and development, content creation, hosting, and maintenance. You can also expect to receive support and guidance throughout the entire process, from initial planning to final launch. In conclusion, the cost of building a website in the UK can vary greatly based on various factors, including size, complexity, and features. When working with a UK website builder, you can expect to receive a comprehensive website solution and support throughout the entire process. If you're looking to build a website, it's important to consider your budget and specific requirements, so you can find the right solution that meets your needs and fits your budget. Get in touch to discuss your unique needs:

  • Looking for a Wix Partner?

    I'm the highest level of Wix Partner, Legend level. I have worked on Wix for over 10 years on hundreds of websites. I build on both Wix Editor and Editor X. Editor is a simpler experience for my clients to manage, whereas Editor X is fully responsive so more of the page can be used in clever ways. There are a range of apps and features that Wix has which are great for new and growing businesses including the opportunity for an online store, bookings, events, and additional coding to make complex functions work. There are a lot of basic level Wix partners out there, be cautious of how well trained they are to deal with your data, and the more complicated aspects of good websites such as accessibility and search engine performance. Don't listen to those who promise you will rank first on Google - this is a promise that noone can make you. Feel free to book a call with me to explore how I can help. Tracey Dr Tracey Wond is a Legend Wix Partner with over a decade of design experience. She is based near to Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire.

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