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Booking systems

Free your time

Wouldn't it be great if your clients could book their own appointment times? Fewer phone calls and messages out of hours!

I have built booking systems for co-working hubs, salons, sports/fitness and community centres, research/interview teams, coaches and service teams - saving time, reducing stray enquiries and increasing revenue.

My booking systems let your clients find dates and times and you can set your team up to have their own calendar with bookable sessions. New appointments will be automatically added to your calendar too!

It's also easy to manage bookings on the go with a supporting app which allows for check-in and automations to be built (for instance an email asking for feedback from your client a few hours after you've checked them into their appointment).

Booking systems

Take Payments

The systems I build give you the flexibility to choose whether clients pay in full, in-person or leave just a deposit when they book. This provides you with the certainty of participant numbers and income.

They work with leading card and payment providers such as PayPal, Sumup, Square, Worldpay and Stripe. All payment providers charge a small fee (usually a percentage and processing fee) but these are usually under 2% and weighed up against losing clients and the time saved is usually worth it. Don't worry, I can help you with the myriad of options.

Your clients will receive reminders of their class or appointment via text (optional) and email. This helps to reduce no-shows and can remind them of any important instructions.

Working from home or online all or some of the time? Why not have your system send an automatic Zoom link to your participant(s). Sleek and time-saving!

Take Payments

Manage your Bookings

Have a client who might not be able to use your system? You can manually create their booking so that it still goes into the calendar and can't be booked by anyone else.

You'll also have flexibility to block out time in your calendar (for instance if you've a dentist appointment) and your staff can manage theirs too. You can also manage appointments on the go with a handy app.

Worried someone might book last minute? Don't worry you can set limits to prevent late bookings.

Booking systems

Practical applications

Here's how my systems are being used by real organisations:
- My client, a co-working project for UK military spouses, can now let service users book 79 flexible working desks across 12 locations. To deal with this manually would require more admin support that the project couldn't afford so this proved a cost-effective solution.
- My client, a children's shoe fitting franchise, now supports all franchisee fitters to take online bookings for fittings. Fittings are done at a variety of places.
- My client, a Life Coach, allows new clients to book their own time for coaching sessions.

A past project, working with a university project, involved building a project website to showcase the project, allowing participants to contribute to the research, access the survey and book an interview with the interview team.

Booking systems
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