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Events Booking and Management

Sell your event

I can provide a website solution for your event (in keep with your brand if needed) or the system can be linked from your existing website.

Whether your event is a one-off or you run events regularly my systems are flexible to you with no future commitment.

Events Booking and Management

Ticket Sales

How will you control pricing, tickets and seating at your next event?

I embed off-the-shelf solutions to fit your event and organisation. I can develop a system that takes event bookings and payments against a range of ticket types including free or paid tickets. This provides you with a greater overview of sales. You can also set limits on the number of each ticket types available.

Tickets are automatically emailed to attendees and attendees can be checked-in on desktop or app.

Ticket Sales

Seating Plans and Guest Lists

My systems give you and your attendees the flexibility to choose where they might sit at your event. This also provides you with the opportunity to offer premium tickets for premium seat locations (and greater earning potential!). Your guest list is all ready for you when people book. You'll have full oversight of sales to date and can manage guests running up to the event and when they arrive. This includes being able to message your attendees with important updates.

Events Booking and Management

Practical applications

Here's how my systems are being used by real organisations:
- My client, a Lifestyle and Health coach and influencer, arranges online events to show participants how to live a healthier life.
- My client, supports small businesses and uses the events platform to host online guest speaker events.
- My client, a Foreign Languages Coach, runs online tuition. By connecting events to a community group/forum (which we also developed), participants can also participate in additional discussion outside of events.

Events Booking and Management
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