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Existing Wix Site Help

Why get help

Many of my clients say they wish they had used my Services earlier.

Perhaps you've spent dozens and dozens of hours trying to perfect your site but it still isn't quite there?

I use Wix and all its apps on a daily basis and have done for over 10 years - with that comes expertise and I am able to work carefully but quickly and efficiently on your site. I also commit to a great deal of Wix training, especially as a Wix Partner, to get the best of its features.

I offer tidy-ups of existing Wix sites as well as optimisation. Optimisation is important - whilst you might have successfully built a nice site, it needs to be effective - from the customer journey (UX, interaction design) to SEO (the extent your site can get found online).

Some of my clients have seen over 450% increases in traffic and over £3000 increases in monthly sales.

Existing Wix Site Help

Improve the look of your Wix site

You think you've built your site perfectly but then you view it on your mobile or a friend tells you it all looks a bit odd - aargh!

Whilst Wix make building a website do-able, there are a few Golden rules and design techniques to help it be more responsive on other devices.

A popular service that I provide are Wix tidy-ups on a transparent hourly basis of £50 per hour. I am data protection trained and ICO registered, your client data is safe.

Improve the look of your Wix site

SEO Help

It's a myth that Wix is rubbish for SEO.

Wix have invested in their SEO capabilities and continue to do so. Often we find that there are a range of both on and off page SEO measures that site owners haven't considered. I've top-ranking clients in competitive searches.

Through our one-to-one coaching sessions we'll explore with you what you're missing and can plot an action plan for either you or us to fix.

I offer SEO services on a monthly basis and starting from £200 for 4 hours of support a month.

Existing Wix Site Help

Existing Wix Site Help
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