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Membership systems

Collect recurring payments

Want to take membership fees for your club or society? Easy peasy!

I develop solutions that allow you to take payments on recurring intervals (for instance, each month or year) and support fitness instructors, sports and life coaches and membership organisations to develop consistent income streams and retain more clients/participants.

Not sure everyone will use the system? Don't worry you can add offline members and payments to the system easily (if you choose to keep all the admin together).

Create the membership tiers that work for you - Gold, Silver, Bronze; Free or Paid; VIP and Budget - the choice of wording and pricing is yours.

My system will also let you offer free trials for a try-before-you-buy experience.

Membership systems

Link subscriptions to features

So that your system can be extra clever, it will require subscribers/members to create a login (so it knows they've paid up). This opens up lots of opportunities - to offer certain content to subscribers, to offer reduced event tickets, to allow them to book certain services for no cost.

Don't worry about forgotten logons and passwords - the system takes care of most of those queries!

And, if your client cancels then they will lose access to your membership benefits and features (a good incentive for anyone to keep going!).

Link subscriptions to features

Bespoke Members Area

Did a bespoke Members Area feel that far away! It's absolutely within reach.

I've helped clients to make these sing and dance with lots of additional members only features. From members-only resource libraries, to shopping wish-lists to fancy self-service features such as being able to book and cancel sessions.

Membership systems

Practical applications

Here's how our systems are being used by real organisations:
- My client, a co-working project for UK military spouses, use membership subscriptions to manage members. Members pay once annually to access the booking system for hot desks. The membership also gives them access to a host of member-only benefits such as free business advertising, a resource library, and discounted events - all driven from whether the membership is active or not.
- My client, a Languages Tutor, offers a subscription service to support clients to engage in a learning community.

Membership systems
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