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Sell your Own Courses

Build Courses

I help clients to implement online course solutions. From delivering online fitness sessions, couch to 5ks, arts and craft lessons, language courses and even decluttering courses. The possibilities are vast.

Allow participants to view your courses and purchase instantly online. Their login details are all taken care of by the systems we adapt.

Sell your Own Courses

Course Design

How your course works is hugely customisable - choose whether there is a fixed start date or whether participants can start at any time, whether content is drip-fed or can be binge-consumed.

Add single or multiple steps across days, weeks or months with interactive content including text, images, videos, links to products and events elsewhere on your site.

Course Design

Accept Feedback

Did your participants like that lesson? Ask them. The feedback features let's you poll participants or ask for feedback.

Feedback can help you check understanding and develop your course further.

Sell your Own Courses

Experienced educator

I spent 13 years in Higher Education, developing and delivering courses for university students. I can provide support to help you develop your course.

Sell your Own Courses
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